This one was made for Gregory Hansen, of Willard MO. The body is PVC sewer pipe. The head is a REMO "Sound
Shapes" drum. The neck is maple, 26 inch scale. No peghead. Tuners are on the tailpiece, based on a design by
Yoppari. The tuners are basically cut-down drywall anchors. LaBella #17 nylon strings give it a sweet, old-timey sound.
(THe original popsicle bridge has been replaced by one made of rosewood. The blue tape was later removed.)
This is the Monorail 5th-string capo system. Since many player don't
fret the 5th string, why bother to put in frets? Why bother to take a
piece of wood, 5 strings wide, and cut it narrower for the part with only
4 strings? Instead, I afstened a 1/8" piece of aluminum alongside, and
put a 6-32 bolt, knurled nut, and a couple of washers on top. The nut
allows the bolt to be moved up or down, to accomodate any capo