This is the original resonator, on the original body, of the Slingerland Maybelle that my uncle gave
to me in about 1962 . When I made the new neck, I had no idea how to do a good inlay, so I simply
glued the old inlay onto the surface of the peghead.

The truss rod cover was made big, because the truss rod end was sticking out a bit too far.
All in all, for a first attempt by an untrained woodworker, it's fairly good. And when the original
skin head fianlly gave up, I put another skin head on. So it sounds a lot like it did originally.

Family legend has it that the banjo was bought with his mustering-out pay, after he helped beat the
Kaiser in World War One. I asked some yougn fellow from Slingerland Drums, back in the 1970's,
and he said that he didn't know, but he was sure that they hadn't made any banjos at all, since the
late 1930's.