c. 2003 by Mike Gregory

1. On top an old smoke stack,
all covered with rust,
I blew a small fortune
on steam engine lust.

2. I’d found an old engine
in somebody’s shed
“Take me home and LOVE me!”
sang a voice in my head.

3. I hired a hauler
for a cross-country trip
It cost me a bundle,
not including the tip.

4. I couldn’t leave my engine
Outside in the rain,
so I put up a shelter
and the neighbors complained.

5. I haunted the swap meets,
and it gladdend my heart
each time I spent money
for another wierd part.

6. An X-ray technician
the tubes then did test.
I kept both the good ones,
and replaced all the rest.

7. Then it’s “Fire up the welder”
and make more repairs
And bolt things together,
midst mutters and swears.

8. My wife helped de-rust it,
(that woman’s a SAINT!)
and help me hand-brush it
with six coats of paint.

9. The boiler inspector
said it barely passed,
but gave me a permit,
at long weary last.

10. I go to conventions,
in my ragged old pants.
But my big shiny engine
Draws many a glance.

11. And that’s my whole story,
just a few stanzas long
of steamers and dreamers
put down in a song.