I started out as a small child in a large family. We were encouraged to make
our own toys, whenever possible. I made my first stringed instrument, a sort
of 3-stringed baritone uke, in 1962.

My uncle, Freyher V. Williams, saw me picking at a ukelele, and offered me
his old Slingerland Maybelle. At the time, I didn't know the difference
between a tenor and a plectrum, so I put tenor strings on this old plectrum.

Since tenors have shorter necks and heavier strings, the neck bowed badly
within a few years. I made a 5-string neck for it, out of some birdseye maple
flooring that somebody was discarding.
People say my life story should be on this page. Well, my songs are usually based on
something I've lived through or seen. So, if there's anything you really want to know, click
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The original decal, still beautiful,
on the banjo from my uncle.